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60W AC Adapter

LPAD-06, 60W AC Adapter, 12V
Item No..: 2359

Suitable to: LPDD-01, 60W DC-DC Board, Item No.: 1984

60W DC-DC Board

LPDD-01, 60W DC-DC Board
Item No.: 1984

Suitable to: LPAD-06, 65W AC Adapter, Item No.: 2359

90W AC Adapter

LPAD-09, 90W AC Adapter, 19V
Item No..: 2722

Suitable to: LPDD-02, 90W DC-DC Board, Item No.: 2721

90W DC-DC Board

LPDD-02, 90W DC-DC Board
Item No.: 2721

Suitable to: LPAD-09, 90W AC Adapter, Item No.: 2722